Physical Therapy Billing Companies Dealings

Rather than do it in-house, many practices choose to deal with physical therapy billing companies and let them handle it all.  While there are pros and cons with both ways, in-house or outsource, this article will focus on dealing with physical therapy billing companies.  We will endeavor to show you how to go about choosing a good one.  And also what to do if the one you choose doesn’t pan out.  That’s not likely but you never know.

This is not being written to choose one method of billing over another, but instead to show the pluses associated with using physical therapy billing companies.  The major edge here is that you know your billing will be handled by someone who is well-versed in such matters as physical therapy CPT codes.  People who do these kinds of things day in and day out.  And in many instances these physical therapy billing companies are more affordable than you may think.

There are some things you must do though when screening physical therapy billing companies.  Find out how much experience they have in this area.  Ask for and check up on references from satisfied clientele.  Make sure that any physical therapy billing companies you deal with offer an out clause if you are not satisfied with their services.  No use being locked into a contract neither side can break if they are not happy with one another.

Talk to other health care practitioners.  Find out if they outsource their billing and if so, ask which physical therapy billing companies they do business with.  Another important thing when screening physical therapy billing companies; check with the Better Business Bureau as well as local and state agencies and see if they have had complaints against them.  And if so, find out the nature of them and how they were resolved.

Even if the physical therapy billing companies did settle complaints, still, if there are more than a few that have been lodged against them that is usually a red flag.  Not to worry though, because there are plenty of good physical therapy billing companies out there who have excellent track records and reputations.  A good way to see who they are is to conduct an online query for billing company reviews using your favorite search engine.

Many health care practitioners choose to deal with physical therapy billing companies because they view this as one less thing they have to mess with in their day-to-day operations.  If that is the route you choose to go, rest assured that there are plenty of capable physical therapy billing companies out there who can fulfill your needs.


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